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Sawaal Jawab Quiz Game is set of general question & answers. It includes various categories like General Knowledge, Indian History, Bollywood & Sports. Most of the questions are quite simple which anyone can easily answer quickly. This quiz is best way to learn about various things, like as mentioned categories.

You might have played some other money earning games like Casino, Ludo, Roulette where you should have game expertise then only the chances of earning more is high, otherwise you may end up losing your money. But this is not the case here; this quiz is about general knowledge or just related to day- today life, which most of us are very familiar with. Hence attempting to such a quiz will certainly upgrade you from all the aspects. Once you install this app, it’ll prompt you to sign-up or register. After registration, you may attempt demo questions or can directly participate in the tournament. Answering each question correctly, you’ll get +1 points & -2 if you submit wrong answer. Your score will be calculated based on the count of questions you attempt & final leader board will be out at the end of the tournament. The winning amount will be added to winner’s wallet respectively. This is one of the best ways to spend your spare time while also being rewarded with the money. Playing Sawaal Jawab quiz on daily basis will help you to improve your General Knowledge, Sharpen your mind & intellectual skills, and of course to earn more. This quiz game is applicable to all age groups. Come One-Come All, and start playing this amazing game with fantastic cash prizes.





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Our Popular Topics

GK-1 & GK-2

General knowledge is something that can help us to grow knowledge wise. It narrows our perception of the world, helps us to understand and analyze situations better than we would without proper knowledge. Improving your General knowledge is not only benefits you in professional life but it boosts your self esteem too. If you looking for a great way to increase your GK then it is one of the best ways to do so. Then what are you waiting for? Install the Sawaal Jawab App in your smart phone & start answering the questions. Keep playing & getting cash reward with this amazing Sawaal Jawab App.

Indian History

We value the study of ancient Indian history. It tells us about our ancient culture, how, when, and where it evolved. Ancient History delves deeply into the origins, cultures, and traditions that still exist today. By examining how the past has shaped (and continues to shape) global, national, and local relationships between societies and people, we can better understand and grapple with complex questions and dilemmas. So, how would you feel if you had the opportunity to win the best cash prizes while learning about our fascinating Indian history? Yes, you read that correctly: you will receive cash rewards if you attempt this quiz and score high during the tournaments. Hurry up!! Involve all of your friends and family members, and enjoy the quiz.


The Hindi film industry in India, popularly known as 'Bollywood,' has influenced daily life and culture in India for decades. In fact, movies are the nation's mainstay of entertainment, almost a religion. Bollywood's global popularity could be attributed to the overall process of cultural globalization. Specifically, Bollywood films that' reflect social problems,' 'cultivate independent thinking,' and 'encourage people.' Did you know all of these interesting facts about Bollywood? If so, here is a nice treat for all Bollywood fans. You can explore your bollywood updates and win mind-blowing cash rewards with the Sawaal Jawab app. Only a true film fans can confidently answer this Bollywood quiz. Though you are not big fan of it, still you can attempt the tournament, as this is the easiest quiz you'll ever take as many of us watch movies. This quiz includes Questions & Answers based on Bollywood actors/actresses, movies and achievement awards.


Sports play an important role in an individual's growth and development. They aid in the development of mental health as well as physical fitness. Participation in sports and games provides individuals with a variety of skills, experience, and confidence that help in the development of their personalities. Sports were first formally instituted in Greece, with the first Olympic Games recorded in 776 BCE in Olympia. I'm sure you've played (or are playing) a variety of games. Sawaal Jawab has brought you a great and most interesting mobile quiz game with a specific Sports category in which you will receive cash rewards for answering correctly. Even if you were not a good player in real life, you still have a chance to win this fantastic quiz & proclaim yourself a better online player. Check this sports quiz and see where you stand in general awareness section of sports.

Why Us

Learning, Earning & Enjoyment - everything at one click only!!

Sawaal Jawab is offering the most magnificent reward ever of Rs. 5,00,000/- which you will not find on any other quiz game.

This app is consist of various tournaments which you can keep solving one after the other & can keep getting more points to win cash reward.

Each tournament consists of a total of 20 questions, with a maximum time limit of 2 minutes to complete the tournament. Because the questionnaire has no difficulty level, 2 minutes may seem excessively long. As a result, you have the opportunity to participate in multiple tournaments and earn significantly more. By considering overall audience, we have kept major four categories like General Knowledge, Indian History, Bollywood & Sports which most of us have interest. Once you land to this awesome Sawaal Jawab Quiz Game then you get initial coins absolutely free to play the tournaments. Whatever cash rewards you have achieved that can directly get into your wallet which you can either withdraw or can use for the next tournament. It’s the only way where you keep growing yourself from the point of Knowledge as well as Money at a time. Many of our users have downloaded & have earned good money. Their experience with this stunning app is very positive & satisfied as well. And we have youngsters to adults, who have participated & won many cash rewards. So, you can also download the app now & start enjoying the quiz with cash rewards. Hurry Up!! Download the app today itself & get a chance to win a jackpot.



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Popular Questions

1. How many tournaments do I need to attempt, in order to get rewarded? 1. How many tournaments do I need to attempt, in order to get rewarded?

As per the scope, you can attempt as many time as you want & will be eligible to get rewards after scoring high.

2. Can I get referral coins if referred to anyone else? 2. Can I get referral coins if referred to anyone else?

Yes, if you refer someone, you will receive certain free coins in order to play the quiz. Because having coins in your wallet is required to participate in the tournament.

3. Will I get my winning amount immediate into wallet or bank account? 3. Will I get my winning amount immediate into wallet or bank account?

Yes, your winning amount will be transferred to your bank account within 10 business days after submission of a withdrawal request.

4. How is the exact break-up of 10,00,000 cash rewards? 4. How is the exact break-up of 10,00,000 cash rewards?

The reward distribution system will be entirely based on leaderboard’s high score with the following break-up 1st Two winners 1 lakh each = 2 lakhs 2nd Five winners 50,000/- each = 2,50,000/- 3rd Ten winners 25,000/- each = 2,50,000/- 4th Fifteen winners 15,000/- each = 2,25,000/- 5th Fifteen winners 5000/- each = 75,000/-

5. How many times I can participate in the tournaments? 5. How many times I can participate in the tournaments?

Unlimited times, you can participate within tournament period on specified date

6. How the points will be calculated? 6. How the points will be calculated?

For each correct answer, +10 points will be awarded; for each incorrect answer, -5 points will be deducted.

7. How often are the tournaments announced? 7. How often are the tournaments announced?

Every two weeks from your initial registration & after that it’ll be held on weekly basis.

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